Gloson: 7 ways to improve your blog (minus one you’ve already read)

by admin on September 13, 2009
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A description of the aforementioned Gloson, the auteur behind GlosonBlog can fairly include the following points:

  • He lives in Malaysia, and he’s probably not a native English speaker;
  • I am a native English speaker, but I think his grammar is superior to mine;
  • GlosonBlog is excellent
  • He’s 11 years old; I can live with the fact that an 11-year-old could do all of the things above.

But what’s unfair – and I think that the blogging community has to address this – he’s trained his cat to maintain the blog. No worryng about cron jobs, spell-check – I think the cat should get its own blog. maintenance cat maintenance cat

My cats pretend to “help” with my blogs – by entering random key board sequences if I step away from my desk and they’re in the mood. I summoned all my courage, confronted them – and they responded that, given enough time (i.e.infinite) on the keyboard, they’d produce the best blog post possible.

People have trouble believing upsetting news which disturbs their world view. I’ve repeatedly pointed out that the work of this canine blogger looks suspiciously like the work of this particularly well-known (and deservedly admired) and brilliant blogger/blog theorist. We tried to get the  dog to sing, to rat out the intellectual property rights thief who’s built a career on his own dog’s back.

It’s just like the 1920’s again, when Mickey Mouse accepted Walt Disney’s  promises that Mickey didn’t need a lawer to review their contract. Next thing he knows, he’s doing his own stunts and fighting off hippopotami in tutus.


One Response to “Gloson: 7 ways to improve your blog (minus one you’ve already read)”
  1. Gloson says:

    Hi Jonathan! That cat above is not mine. It was a photo by Daveblog. By the way, thank you very much for featuring me! I really appreciate it!

    Best Regards,

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