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Christian Watson, of Smiley Cat Web Design, which has a subsidiary, Elements of Design (”an alternative web desig showcase”). Check out this beautiful gallery of pull-quotes – some of which I think I’d characterize as “call-outs,” which, in my mental taxonomy, are properly a subset of pull-quotes.

Here’s one that I liked a lot,


Gallery with more examples after the jump. If you want to see all 28, you’ll have to go to Elements of Design. Maybe we can find someone who’s written a tutorial on how to generate these practical and eye-catching elements.

via Elements of Design. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Smiley Cat Web Design Blog.

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One Response to “Smiley Cat Web Design – pull-quotes gallery”
  1. D. Lambert says:

    Great gallery. I love the styles. I’m sure you noticed that the callout I put together is a *lot* simpler visually (though it’s got the benefit of working in RSS feeds). If there’s any interest, I may look into incorporating designs like this w/ my plug-in.

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