Paddy Donnelly at Smashing Magazine: the death of the (boring) blog post?

by jonathansoroko on December 2, 2009

Paddy Donnelly has a brilliant post at Smashing Magazine – a sort of Scott McCloud-like1   tour de force about how layouts look.  So I think Donnelly’s

The Death of The Boring Blog Post?

is as close to a “must-read” as is possible.

For my direct purposes – I started blogging to write about disaster preparedness and related issues at Popular Logistics - anything too much fun, or whimsical, would be, I think, in poor taste. Which is no excuse for bad design; and I’m certainly trying to make improvements.

But for content either mordant or whimsical, there’s no reason for every post in a blog to necessarily have the same layout. Donnelly’s essay is especially fun to read because of its own layout, which includes a  lot of examples.

Also – Smashing Magazine – which is the meta-uber power tool set, the Vampire Slayer site for anyone wanting to learn something new about web design (it’s often one of my first stops)

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