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David Dailey: galleries from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica (public domain)

David Dailey, a professor of Computer Science  at  Slippery Rock University, has – among other interesting things, SVG animation with JavaScript and SMIL, and a collection of public domain images from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica. Here are some samples: Following:

A flying squirrrel from the “Mammals” category; flyingsquirrela “Phaeton Butterfly” from the “insects” Category,  and a beautiful, wide-ranging section on graphic ornament

Some of those examples, and a few more:


Randa Clay: How to Efficiently Manage Images in WordPress

The super-talented Randa Clay has a timely basic explanation of the new(ish) image handling functions in current versions of WP. Check out “How to Efficiently Manage Your Images in WordPress.”

While you’re there, don’t miss Randa’s portfolio.

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