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Mighty Mo: Simple WordPress pull-quote plugin

Easy install, easy configuration, works as promised- and if you’ve never used custom fields – this is an easy, non-scary way to find out. From the wonderful people at MightyMo comes the Simple Pull Quote Wordpress Plugin (link to MightyMo’s Page – download link here).

If you’re using WordPress 2.8.2, you can even install it from within WordPress by going to Plugins | Install New and use the search function for “pull-quotes – it should be at or near the top of the list. Install it, activate it.

Start a new post. Somewhere near the middle – or wherever you want it – switch to the html editor (I think this is necessary, because the visual editor may not read the brackets as denoting code – but I’m not sure)

MightyMo's Pull-Quotes Plugin Pulls Its Weight - and then some! (okay, trite, but aren't you tired of lorem ipsum?)

We need some text here for spacing purposes, so we’ll tell you a little bit more about The MightyMo Design Company

  1. They’re pretty funny, and that’s a good thing, even though the two most famously funny people in Minnesota – Garrison Keillor and Al Franken – actually learned to be funny here in New York. We’re entitled to have Franken at least half the time, and we’re willing to settle for joint custody. But they can’t have Ian Frazier for the other seat; it’s out of the question (if you don’t know how funny Frazier is, do a Google Search for Coyote v Acme.
  2. They’ve got a very impressive portfolio of web sites. And even a cursory glance tells you they’re not doing the same one or two things over and over – they’ve got range, as theatre people say. I guess ranchers also say it.
  3. Toby – the designer – poses some very interesting intellectual property questions related to WordPress in this post Wordpress Themes Are Only Partially GPL-Licensed (I’m going to try to address them separately, because it’s an excellent post – even though at the moment I’m using it to space out pull-quotes)
  4. MightyMo Design has its own WordPress Theme, which is pretty nice-looking.

If you add the open square bracket quote close square bracket from within the visual editor – it will appear – so what I said about the HTML editor above was wrong.

One interesting function I tripped over is that if one applies bold text styling but not italics – the pull-quote will show up with that styling like this

MightyMo's Pull-Quotes Plugin Pulls Its Weight - and then some! (okay, trite, but aren't you tired of lorem ipsum?)

This is an excellent plugin – and the default styling is likely to work well in most text-rich blogs. There are a couple of other pull-quote plugins around – but – if you’re code-challenged – like me – they can be a little tricky.

So install the plugin – pull some quotes – and keep an eye on these guys – I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they both have the same last name. Coincidence? You decide.

My feeble humor aside – their site for Net Impact Minneapolis is an excellent example of a site which says what it has to say – pretty much no wasted time or wasted space. And it sounds like an interesting organization, too.

Toby Cryns’ design for the Social Networks Collaborative (of which he’s a member) is also excellent – sounds like the project may have dispersed or gone on hiatus within the last year – a good design about very interesting issues which left me sorry that I hadn’t attended any of their events and wanting to read the published work of the participants.

And not to be missed – Kelsey Timmerman’s Where Am I Wearing? an extended inquiry into how our clothes are produced.

The Mighty Mo Design Company.

Techie-Buzz: 35 Amazing free Apps

LIST - HANDWRITTEN Image VIA GENRE-X DOT COM You may know some – but we suspect you don’t know all of the apps on Techie-Buzz’s  35+ Amazing Softwares That Are Free.

Some in particular will be of interest to new bloggers, particularly Windows Live Writer, which allows off-line composition of blog posts.

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