3. Selecting a Theme

Places to look for WordPress themes (most, if not all, free)

WordPress.org “Showcase”

Types of WordPress Themes

For a time, “premium” – in the WordPress context, meant “paid-for” or “other than free.” We’ve had some language slide – now “premium” can be used to mean “excellent.”

We’re going to stick with “free” and “for sale” or “commercial.” And there’s nothing wrong with either.

Two More Types

The other types of themes are modifications – based on an existing theme – where a designer uses an existing theme – their own or someone else’s – and modifies it. Often the modification is as small as designing a logo, header, and perhaps changing color scheme.

Last are themes designed “from scratch,” more or less. The difference between these two categories might well be one of degree. And having someone hand-code an entire WordPress theme is no small task. It’s hard to imagine when that would be the best course.

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